Norwex 30 Day Challenge


Okay, so the whole reason I even decided to give this whole direct sales thing another go (trust me, after the first one I did I told myself I would never do it again, this whole thing just isn’t for me, I don’t have the personality for it, etc. etc.) is because I am so passionate about Norwex and their mission. Chemical free home, zero waste products, it was like the heavens parted and the microfiber cloth floated down to me on a tiny fluffy cloud….

Sorry… back to what I was saying…

I loved the company, the products, and the perks (there are a lot of perks!) of being a consultant and it’s almost totally risk free to try so I decided, hey, why not?

The main difference between Norwex and the last company I was involved with that I’ve noticed is how different I react when I receive constructive opposition. For example, with the previous company I was with, if I had someone tell me (very politely, no one was ever rude about anything ever):

“Oh, the products are a little to pricey for me..”

“I don’t think that I would use it…”

“Sorry, but I’m just not interested…”

Me, being the non-pushy person that I am would just say “okay” and walk away. It wasn’t as though I didn’t like the products (because I did) I just didn’t feel passionately about them.

Norwex is different. I truly, honestly feel as though their products will make everyone’s lives so much better. And I find that I just naturally react to those oppositional statements in a different way. Instead of just saying okay and being done, I actually want to explain to people why that might not be the case. “Norwex actually ends up saving you a ton of money in the long run, here’s the breakdown…” or “here is why it’s a much better alternative to what you are using now…” And none of this is forced, I don’t need to train myself to be a certain way that I am not. I’m not pushy, I’m not a natural salesperson, I don’t have the gift of gab but I feel strongly about Norwex and I make it work with what I am naturally good at (organization, social media, making displays and signage, etc.)

This brings me to the actual point of this post. While speaking with someone that I know and telling them that I am joining Norwex this person told me “Oh yeah, I know about them, I actually have a bunch of their products that I got from a show but I never use them anymore, I just went back to using my normal stuff.”

And this is what my nightmares are made of…

Okay, that might be a bit strong, but seriously when she said that, it made me sad. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized that her situation is probably similar to a lot of peoples’ situations. It is soooo hard to break routine in any aspect of our lives especially when it comes to cleaning. Everyone has their routine and it’s so engrained in our minds that we need chemicals to make things clean! I can imagine people like my husband, who is totally type A, feeling in his mind that if he used just a rag and water that there is no way that the surface could be clean and disinfected (this is the man who wanted me to use the bathroom scrubbing bubbles to clean our kitchen). But they actually do, it’s been proven and tested over and over again but I know that can be a hard mental hurdle for people to get over. I just feel like if people don’t give the Norwex products they purchase the chance they deserve then they are completely missing out on all the great benefits.

So I decided, then and there, that I wanted to do something about that. I wanted to do something that will help people make Norwex a part of their routine, a part of their everyday. And for those of you who are those type A, there is no way it could possibly be clean type of person, look it up, do your research, you will see that I’m right and once you do I want to help you get through that mental hurdle!

So I devised a 30 Norwex challenge. It’s not a cleaning list although you can find some of the ones that I like here-   . But instead, this is a challenge to use your Norwex products, and only your Norwex products, for 30 days. This way, it’ll help you figure out your new routine with Norwex and help it stick as well as some helpful tips to make it more convenient.

And after 30 days, if your still not in love… well…. honestly that would shock the heck out of me… then I guess Norwex might not be right for you, but for the sake of your, your families, and the earth’s health I really hope you give it the chance it deserves. Sacrificing a small bit of convenience for health is totally worth it and honestly, in my opinion, with Norwex there is no sacrifice at all.

And if your also a person who has a few Norwex products and went back to your old routine, give it another go, take the challenge! It’ll be worth it in the long run.

To make it easy and shareable, I made the challenge into a little infographic. Please feel free to share, but please credit back to this blog when you do. Thanks!



Norwex Review: Mop System- Dry Pad


Review time! As always, I promise to give a completely honest review of the Norwex products that I have tried. The good, the bad, and the ugly.

Today is a continuation of the amazing mop system which is my close second favorite Norwex product right behind the Enviro Cloth. I’m going to review the dry pads, which I guess should of been first but hey, that’s life.

In my last post, (found here ) I discussed how the Norwex Mop System (specifically the wet pad) beat out, in my opinion, the Swiffer, steam mop, and Hoover FloorMate for my floors which definitely makes up for the somewhat pricey price tag that is attached to the Norwex Mop. To refresh, I have extremely hard to clean slate tile floors throughout a majority of my house so I have tried a lot of different cleaning methods and the Norwex beats everything because it is faster, easier, and doesn’t use any nasty chemicals (just water!).

Also as a reminder from last post, I fully admit that I am a lazy cleaner. If it takes me a long time to do something, then I will put it off and not do it nearly as often as I should.

OK…phew… now that’s out of the way, on to the dry pads!

So while my slate floors hide dirt really well, it doesn’t hide dog hair well (which I have a lot of). My fur baby (Probie) is a Welsh Corgi and though he is small, he sheds enough for ten dogs so constant sweeping/vacuuming is a must.

My floors are a vacuum’s nightmare…

We went busted through two vacuums just in the first couple of years living in this house. The floors are so textured that they really beat them up, plus I had really long hair so that messes up the rollers pretty good too. Finally we broke down and got the really nice and expensive Dyson Animal but alas, even though it can’t be older than five years, it too seems to be headed for the garbage soon (I will say that it definitely has lasted longer than the rest). Also insert laziness factor here: I definitely didn’t vacuum nearly as much as I should have and I definitely didn’t use the hose to get under furniture  nearly as much as I should have because it was a big pain in the butt.

Now here’s the real kicker! One day I decided to do a little googling to find the best way to clean slate floors and wouldn’t ya know it…. you’re not supposed to vacuum slate floors!!!

Whaaaa?! So now you’re telling me that I have to sweep basically my whole house pretty much everyday… nuh uh… not doin’ that…

So I continued to vacuum, even though I wasn’t supposed to, and I paid the price for it because now I have a few nice big scratches on my floors where it picked up a rock or something in the bristles. So then I switched to Swiffer pads which takes forever since it’s so darn small, not to mention wasteful…. so back to sweeping, which totally stinks….

So when I had my Norwex party (before I became a consultant) I zeroed in on the mop system and since I used my hostess credits to pay for it, I got it for only $20 (the large with the superior pad). And let me tell you… it’s a God send.

Okay, so kinda funny story (not really but that’s okay) another party member also ordered the large mop system but with the basic dry pad instead of the superior. Well I totally mixed the two of them up and used hers but then I realized my mistake, cleaned hers, and got it straightened out.  But hey, that’s good news for you since now I have tried them both and I can review them both!

With the Norwex Mop System Kit, you can choose from the small size with regular dry pad ($81.99), small with superior dry pad ($94.99), large with regular dry pad ($92.99), or large with superior dry pad ($112.99). All of these include the wet pad of the appropriate size and the handle and base. Everything is also sold separately but it’s a better deal if you go with the kit.

Now I will explain the difference in the regular dry pad and the superior dry pad (in my opinion and experience) and what I say might surprise you. To be completely honest, I wish I would of originally gone with the regular instead of the superior and here is why.

The regular dry pad is, for a lack of a better term, very fluffy. It picks up and traps hair and large-ish debris like a champ which makes it great for my situation. The superior dry pad is more microfiber-ish. It reminds me a lot of the dusting mitt. It is really cool because it creates a static cling which gets the super small dust and allergens, the pad with be black from all the dirt. So the superior is really great for people with allergies and getting a really good deep clean. It’s not so great at picking up larger debris and pet hair. It doesn’t trap the bigger stuff in like the regular pad does. Now remember, I have extremely textured tile floors so this may not be the case for hardwood/laminate floors. To dry mop, you move the mop in a “S” or figure 8 pattern so the debris always stay in the front of the mop so I’m guessing if you have smooth floors you could just pick up the loose debris with a dust pan, but I haven’t tried that out yet.

So I went ahead and purchased the large regular pad separately ($23.99) and I switch using each one every day.

Yes, you heard me correctly… this is not a drill… I dry sweep



It’s so easy and quick that I (the lazy cleaner) sweep every frickin’ day and I don’t mind it at all! That’s why I love this system so much, it’s positives all across the board and it makes my life so much easier and my house so much cleaner (and chemical free!)

Also the dry mop pad is awesome for dusting walls and ceilings since the handle is telescoping, especially if you have vaulted ceilings like I do.

P.S. I highly highly highly recommend getting the rubber brush, it really is a must have with the system. That way, once your finished dry mopping, you take the rubber brush and scrape off all the dirt, hair, etc. into the garbage can. Then you put the mop away for the next day. Easy peasy. Originally I wasn’t going to get it, I thought it was a waste of money and I didn’t need it but I ended up getting it free for my hostess rewards and now I don’t know what I would of done without it. Plus there are many other uses for it (like getting pet hair off couches and cars) but more on that in another post.

Honestly, here is my suggestion if your like me and you need it for pet hair and larger debris (like if your going to use it in the kitchen). I would purchase the Large Mop System kit with the regular dry pad, the one for $92.99 and I would also get the rubber brush ($14.99). That is about the same cost as the Large Mop System with the Superior mop pad. Then later on you can add the large superior mop pad ($32.99) to use every other day like I do if you like so that way you get all the fine dirt and allergens.

Check out to shop online


Superior Dry Mop Pad


Regular Dry Mop Pad


Norwex Review: Mop System-Wet Pad


Review time! I promise I will give my 100 percent honest opinion on all the Norwex items, the good and the bad, so you know which products will work best in your life.

I want to start out with one of my absolute favorite Norwex items and that is our mop system. I’m going to break it down in two posts, the wet pad and the dry pad and today I’m going to talk about the wet pad since it has come to my rescue more than once.

First let me start with one of the first reactions to our mop system, “wow it’s expensive!” and yes, it is pricey, there is no sugar coating it. It is an investment, but a good one I swear. The time and energy it saves you is worth it alone and it is good for more than just cleaning your floors (more on that in the dry pad review).

My house is pretty much 80% hard floors, soon to be more when we swap out the carpet for bamboo in the bedrooms. My kitchen, living room, entryway, bathrooms, and hallway is slate and if you’re not familiar with slate it is basically very bumpy, extremely hard to clean tile. It’s pretty and hides dirt well but it’s so difficult to clean. I feel like have tried EVERYTHING! So my main go-to’s were Swiffer wet pads, a steam mop, and I got a really nice Hoover floor cleaner for my bridal shower. The Swifter was comically bad, the pad got way too dirty within the first swipe plus it’s super wasteful. The steam mop pad also got too dirty quickly (and you have to wash it every time you use it) plus it takes FOREVER to do the whole house, which let me back up a little to say that I am a lazy cleaner, if it takes a lot of time and effort, I’ll put it off and not do it (which is why my floors are so dirty). And finally the Hoover works well since it scrubs the floors (which helps because it’s textured) and sucks the dirty water up, however, it definitely leaves a residue of the cleaner on the floor (I’ll explain in a minute), the floor take a while to dry, and it takes a long time to do the whole house. So needless to say, I don’t do it neatly as often as I need to.

Now enter the Norwex mop system. I currently have the large size with the regular wet mop pad (not the tile pad). To use it, I dry mop first (which saves a ton of time over vacuuming but more on that later) then I get the wet pad wet with just tap water and wring it out so it’s not dripping (you do not want it too wet). Holy cow does it work well! I only need to rinse and wring it out 2 more times after the initial rinse to do my entire house, honestly it has to take me less than ten minutes. I can use it multiple times and the pad is never stinky nor is my floor. Now I wet mop once a week since it’s so easy and effective and my floors look better than ever. Plus since I can hang it up to use again after I’m done, it’s great for cleaning up little spills and messes that happen throughout the week. The handle is telescoping so you can adjust it to your height and also use it to clean hard to reach windows! Last but not least, I love that it is completely zero waste, there no toxic cleaners to buy and throw away and no pads to throw away either. Oh and the reason I like it more than the Hoover (besides the speed) is that there is no residue. The first time I used the Norwex mop some areas would get sudsy from the cleaner left over from the Hoover so now I know for sure there are no chemicals left over which is definite peace of mind.

So let’s break it down, pros and cons style!

Norwex mop system, wet tile pad (large)

Pros: Large mop base makes cleaning super quick. Doesn’t get smelly after multiple uses. Can be used multiple times (I wash mine once a week since I use it a lot). Telescoping handle. Can be used to clean hard to reach windows. Can be used to wash walls. Cleans with just water so no harmful (and wasteful) chemicals. Leaves no residue. No cord to hassle with. Floor dries fast. Bacloc pad disinfects floor and traps bacteria. It works!

Cons: Does not get the grout well, I’m going to switch to the tile pad to help with this. I had the base flip over on me a few times while cleaning but I think that was because I either didn’t have the pad wet enough or I was applying too much pressure. Doesn’t get the really tough spots out (I’m talkin like super dried on sticky gunk, but really, what does without a lil elbow grease) so I just use my enviro cloth for the extra tough spots.

So at the end of the day the Norwex mop beats out the Swiffer, steam mop, and Hoover floor cleaner so let’s break it down price wise

Swifter with wet pads: $17.99 for kit $9 for wet pad refills (here SwifferSweeperFloorMop and here SwifferWetRefill )

Steam mop: $120.42 (here is the one I have HaanSteamMop )

Hoover Hard Floor cleaner: $108.99 (here HooverFloorMate )

Now our Norwex mop kits are available in four options (they are also available to purchase everything separately but the kit includes the handle, base, dry pad, and wet pad)

Small with regular dry pad: $81.99

Small with superior dry pad: $94.99

Large with regular dry pad: $92.99

Large with superior dry pad: $112.99

So in my opinion the mop is definitely worth it’s price. I think it may be a bit hard for some people to justify the price because it isn’t something that plugs in or seems technologically advanced like a steam mop or hard floor cleaner, but you’re paying for the quality of Norwex’s pads and the baclock feature so you can have the peace of mind that your floors are clean and sanitary without any nasty chemicals. Plus at the end of the day it’s even less expensive than the wasteful Swiffer pads that you have to keep buying. The Norwex mop truly is amazing and I’m so happy that I found it.

To shop visit

P.S. kinda a funny story about how this mop comes to my rescue. First in this post here- Then again when I brought my vacuum into the bedroom after doing a rug in the living room. I thought it would be a super smart decision just to pull on the cord… well yeah… it wasn’t… but I just mopped it up with the wet pad and I was on my merry way. Dog gave me some dirty looks for it though…


Dumb dumb…








Vertical Salad Garden


This gardening season my main goal is to see how many different vegetables/fruits/herbs I can grow in the least amount of space possible. As of right now, it’s only my husband and I so there really isn’t any need for us to grow 50 tomato plants, we’d never go through all of them so I’d rather have a large variety of different plants.

I started my herbs inside quite some time ago. I planted a few in a medium/small sized terra cotta pots that I had lying around and the rest I planted in a few extra coffee mugs that I was willing to spare (with the help of the hubby to drill holes in the bottom)

But what I am the most excited about is my new vertical salad garden!

My father built a step planter for me for Christmas and the two planters on the side are just plastic bins and lattice from Home Depot. With this set-up I can plant 10, yes 10, different vegetables this season!

I planted my cold weather tolerating crops (from seeds) a few weeks ago and my set up is this:

Green planter on the left is a half snap peas and half sugar peas (about 6 plants each)

Middle planter top row is one kale plant and one broccoli plant

Middle planter middle row is butter lettuce, green onions, and mesculn mix lettuce

Middle planter bottom row is (short) carrots and red beets

Green planter on the right hasn’t been planted yet but it will be zucchini

Only thing I have left to do (besides plant the zucchini) is staple some chicken wire to the back of the lattice to help the peas and zucchini climb up the lattice easier.

TA DA! I’ll keep you posted as they start to grow more, there just little itty babies right now.


Bid for Freedom


So me being the awesome amazing wife that I  am, I decided to bake some lovely cookies for my hubby…

*angry knowing stares from the readers*

Fine fine… okay… in reality, I was on a major sugar binge the other day and, with a crazed look in my eyes, I shouted at my husband

“Oh my gwad I am totally going to make some cookies right now!!!”

But at least I let him pick out which kind (it was chocolate chip peanut butter)

So anyways, after borrowing (bribing) my neighbor for some butter in exchange for some cookies I got to work.

Okay side note… I don’t know about you guys but I seriously don’t know how anyone “cleans and cooks” at the same time. When I cook, it takes everything I got just to scramble for all the ingredients and correct measuring devices. My kitchen looked more like a two year old decided to make cookies instead of a 27 year old, but I digress…

While searching for said ingredients, I open my pantry when, out of nowhere, a jar of giardiniera decided to make a break for it. I seriously saw it in slow motion as the poor little jar shouted “freedom!!!” as it plummeted towards my cold, hard, and unforgiving tile floor as the sugar and rice cheered him on. Unfortunately for the little guy, he was just a few shelves too high and he shattered to pieces on the floor. After I waited the proper mourning time (which was like ½ a second) I began the somber cleanup process.

So of course, right as this happened, my husband returns with my neighbor and the butter. So of course my dog wants to go out to the garage to be with them and hey, wouldn’t ya know it, the scene of the giardiniera massacre stands in his way to get out to the garage. So as I’m telling the dog to stay back, my husband shouts “just let him out the back so he can come out” and my response, which I guess is the whole purpose of this post (yes there is a point, I promise!!), so anyways, I say…

“no need, it’ll take me more time to do that, than if I just clean it”

How you ask? Well shucks! It’s cause I have Norwex of course (insert annoying commercial-like voice here)

But no seriously, after I swept up the broken glass and food, one wipe with a damp enviro cloth and a once over with the wet mop pad (dampened) and it was clean! Considering all the oil that spilled, it was pretty impressive. Fyi, I did go over it one more time with the enviro cloth after things calmed down but mostly just to make sure I got all the glass.

My only regret was not taking a before and after picture but I guess making sure my dog didn’t eat the giardiniera with shards of glass in it had to be a higher priority (bummer…) But I did take a picture of him in his final resting place as proof (luckily I just took the garbage out beforehand which never happens!)


But all was well again and we ate cookies and were happy, until later when I got a stomach ache from eating too many cookies.

Thanks Norwex!!

Ps, sugar and rice are still pretty bummed out

Hi, I’m New Around Here…


Hey I’m back!!!

*Cheers, yays, hoots, whistles…*

okay… okay… maybe those are in my head, but I am really excited and committed to blogging again, especially since I have a new endeavor that I want to announce.

What’s that you say?!

We’ll jeeze calm down…. I’ll get to it in a minute

I guess a reintroduction is in order first, I’m Ari and I am an environmental science student at Southern New Hampshire University (which I love!) I am also a stay at home wife and fur baby momma to my corgi Probie.

So why should you read my blog you ask? Well I’ll tell ya…

I want to share my insights and experience about everything and anything environmentally related. From reducing waste and green cleaning, to reducing clutter and living with less to gardening, making stuff from scratch, and preserving our resources at home.

Hence Clean Lean and Green (it’s a play on lean mean machine, haha get it? no? oh well…)

Alright, now to my special announcement, which is what encouraged me to get back into blogging. You are looking at a brand new independent consultant for Norwex!!!!!


Fine… you might not be as super pumped about it as I am but you will be…. you’ll all see!!

Wow…. I’ve had too much sugar today…

But anyhoo, if you haven’t heard of Norwex please crawl out from under the rock and read on. Just kidding!! I’ve never heard of Norwex until recently and I instantly fell in love. Norwex is known for their microfiber cleaning cloths. They are extra special because they are embedded with micro silver and their backloc technology that not only disinfects the surface you are cleaning, but prevents bacteria from growing on the cloth so you can use it over and over before you need to launder it!

All… with… just… water!!!

They also have a ton of other amazing cleaning products, all safe and toxic free for your home. And the extra great bonus is that these cloths completely eliminate waste. Say buh bye to paper towels and plastic cleaning supply bottles.

Did you know that the indoor air is five times more polluted than outdoor air and women who stay at home are more likely to develop breast cancer than women who work outside the home and that out of the 84,000 chemicals that are in cleaning products only 200 have ever been tested for how they affect a person’s health and a plastic bottle takes 450 years to decompose…..

Scoot over, I want to go back under the rock… it’s a scary world we live in!

And the more you look into it, the more crazy scary it becomes.

So I’ll be posting a lot about Norwex and their products and why you should make the switch.

And hey, do you like free stuff? Want to have a Norwex party with me?? I do in-home as well as Facebook events which are super fun, you don’t need a bra or clean your house and all the shopping is done online. Hostess receive a crazy amount of free Norwex products (at my first party before I became a consultant, I received around $400 worth of free Norwex products!) So if you would like more information you can e-mail me at or find me on my website

Thanks for listening! Lots of good stuff is on the way, not just about Norwex but lots of other good stuff as well



I’ll be back….

Okay so I know I let this blog fall by the wayside…

*boo’s from readers*

But wait! I have good news! I found motivation and a clear direction (as well as some better time management skills) to go forward with the blog.

Stay tuned for the return of the Clean Lean Green Machine Blog starting the middle next week!!